Please, Just Listen.

I really don’t like how people have a way of making other people feel as though their problems aren’t valid just because their situation isn’t as bad as others and make that person not want to talk about what they’re going through, because they’re scared someone will belittle their problem but look at it in another light ; when a child falls off their bike and they cry because its probably the worst pain they ever felt, but if you got scrape, you’d just brush it off ┬ábecause its not that painful right? You cant tell that child that their pain is invalid because it doesn’t hurt that bad to you. Same with problems, that could be the worst thing they’ve ever been through. So what makes you think you can tell them they aren’t allowed to feel that way because other people have been through worse? Some people are stronger than others, so stop comparing one persons pain to another persons pain, even if you know someone that may be going through a worse time, don’t compare them because everyone’s pain threshold is different, some people think tattoos are painful, some don’t. Don’t ever think its okay to tell someone ‘Is that what your upset about, do you know how much people go through worse, you’ll get over it’ because that’s the issue, too many people are scared to speak up about their problems because people act like its not ‘a big deal’ in their eyes. So they don’t speak up, they just keep it to themselves even though it may be killing them inside, they end up suffering in silence. Just listen, no matter how small the problem may seem to YOU, to THEM it might be the most painful situation they’ve ever faced.